Special Dogs | Dallas Dog Photography


As regular readers of my blog know, I recently had two days that were set aside to photograph dogs for the fund raising Bow WOW Sessions. We raised another $2,200+ making our total to date over $17,000 that we have raised for various animal charities.

But I digress…

At the Bow WOW sessions I get to meet a lot of great dogs. This time, two dogs in particular caught my attention. Meet Ellie and Hope. Both of the girls are deaf. Both are very sweet and their mom and dad trained them to be well behaved. Both dogs know hand signals and were pretty obedient. Getting their attention was a little bit of a challenge, but they were so outgoing and wanting to please so it wasn’t too difficult. The two dogs are very bonded to each other. You could sense it just being in the room with them. Hope could be quite the barker when she wanted to be. I am guessing that while she couldn’t hear herself, she must have felt vibrations in her head from the barking. I just loved being around them.

They are two very sweet rescue dogs who have found a wonderful home.