Happy Halloween! | Dallas Dog Photography

It is important to keep your pets safe this Halloween. Most everyone knows that chocolate should not be eaten by dogs. There is a lot of chcolate candy around this time to year, so keep it away from your dogs! Some more suggestions are listed below.

If you are taking your dogs with you trick or treating:

  • Not all dogs like being dressed up. Don’t make your dog wear a costume if they don’t like it.
  • Don’t let your dogs eat candy or wrappers that have been dropped on the sidewalk.
  • Make sure that you and your dog wear reflective clothing so any cars driving by can see you and your dog.
  • Keep your dog on a regular leash and not a retractable leash. The retractable leashes cannot been seen in the dark and can be a tripping hazard.

If your dog is at home when you welcome trick or treaters:

  • That big bowl of candy is quite a temptation; keep it away from your dog. Not only is chocolate a problem but so are lollypop sticks and other choking hazards.
  • Your door will be repeatedly opening and closing. Make sure your dog doesn’t escape when the door is open.
  • Some trick or treaters are afraid of dogs and having a door open and a dog come charging at them can be frightening. Yes, it is Halloween and being scary is the point, but it is still not a good idea!
  • Lots of dogs bark and get excited at hearing the doorbell. Think about how exhausted they will be if they bark every time. Move them into another room away from the excitement to keep them from getting over excited.

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but keep your pets safe. Chocolate is a huge temptation to dogs. Save yourself a trip to the emergency vet and keep chocolate away from all counter surfers in your home.

Have a safe and fun halloween!

Have you and your dog had a memorable past Halloween? Comment below and tell me about it!