Another Story Behind the Image | Bryant Dog Photography

I want to tell you a story about a Christmas card image. Cindy Rose is an Affenpinscher. A couple of years ago her mom and dad brought her to me to be photographed. She had recently been adopted by them and they had only had her a few weeks before they visited me.  It was a wonderful, brand new family. Cindy Rose was a rescue and seemed to be happy in her new home.

One image in particular struck me. It was of Cindy  Rose looking up. I tried to imagine what she might be thinking about her new family. So here’s what the front of the card looked like.



I thought it most perfectly captured the happiness of a rescue dog finding a new home. I have photographed Cindy Rose a few times since then and she is doing very well. It is a real happily ever after story!

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If you have a story of a rescued dog who found a happily ever after home, tell me about it and comment below.