Holiday Wishes | Dallas Dog Photographer

dog opening packageHappy holidays to all!

Be sure your pets are safe during this busy time of year. Some dogs, like Nuevo on the right, like to break open the packages they find under the Christmas tree. Sometimes those packages contain things that are not safe for them. Several years ago I spent Christmas Eve at the emergency vet with my dog Molly. Molly had gotten into some fudge. She was okay, but other dogs that were there didn’t fare as well. They had gotten into chocolate that was wrapped up and placed under the tree. They were in bad shape from the toxic effects of the chocolate.

But the dangers are not only chocolate. Don’t forget that Poinsettia plants are poisonous, as are mistletoe, lilies and holly. Then there are the light bulbs, hooks, ornaments and tinsel on  the Christmas tree. Don’t let your dogs drink the tree water. Electrical cords can be a problem. So can candles. Then there are the usual dangers of anti freeze and xylitol sweetener. Both taste very sweet to your dog and both are deadly. And last but not least, be careful of your Christmas tree falling over. Some cats like to climb trees and the tree might fall over. 

Be safe during this busy time of year! Enjoy your holidays and the new year with your pets. See you next year where I promise to post more often!