Lifetime Dogs |Dallas Dog Photographer

Mixed breed dog in wild flowersChloe was my “lifetime dog”.

I am sometimes surprised by the people who are not familiar with that phrase. If you have not heard it before, let me explain. You will probably own many dogs in your lifetime, but you will only have one life time dog. That dog is your soul mate, your everything. Chloe was my lifetime dog.

I lost her 6 and a half years ago. I love the two dogs I have now, but Chloe was my soul mate. She was a mutt. Half Border Collie and half Australian Shepherd, we thought. Every time I would get ready for a photo session, she would plop herself down on the backdrop knowing I needed a subject to check my lighting. I must have a hundred or more Polaroid photographs of her. (That was in the pre-digital days when I had a Polaroid back on my medium format film camera.) But I have almost no photographs of her and me together. Yes, I did a self portrait every year for our Christmas card, but almost no other photographs of the two of us. The few I have, I cherish. I look at them now and I can almost feel her in my arms. I know she’s forever in my heart.

Now you know why when I have a client say “no, I don’t want to be in the photographs”, and I see the bond they have with their dog, I urge them to reconsider. When their dog is gone, I want them to be able to look at their portrait and to feel their dog in their arms like I do with my sweet Chloe.