Displaying Photography | Dallas Dog Photographer

Bulldog portraitI am always eager to see how my clients have displayed the portraits I created for them. I particularly like the creativity that was shown in this portrait collection of two Bulldogs,  Abby and Hobo.  Abby and Hobo’s mom works with Bulldog rescue. She put together a creative way to show off her two examples of this wonderfully slobbery breed.

People are often confused about how to size their portraits. They know know they have “x” amount of wall space, but now what?  Well, the size of a wall portrait should be based primarily on two factors, the wall space available, and from how far you will be viewing the portrait. Even in a 12’x12′ room, I would not go smaller than a 16×20 portrait. If you have a bigger room, the portrait needs to be bigger. You don’t want to have someone squinting trying to see who is in the portrait displayed across the room on the wall. By the same token, you wouldn’t want a 20×24 portrait displayed in a hallway. You will be viewing portraits up close in a hallway and anything larger than an 11×14 would be overpowering.

So when it is time to choose your favorite images from your photo session, it helps to have an idea where you would like to display your portraits. Knowing the wall space you have available and the locations will make sizing your portraits much easier. Now, choosing your favorite images when your dog is such a ham in front of the camera, that’s a different matter entirely!