Christmas and Holiday Cards | Dallas Dog Photographer

I am so glad it has cooled off some! This is the time of year that I start working on client Christmas and Holiday cards. It is already strange to do it so far in advance of the actual holidays. But to also hear the hum of the air conditioner in the background is even stranger!

Every year it is the same. Time to load my iPod up with my favorite Christmas songs. (I need those to get me into the spirit.) Of course, by the time the radio stations start playing Christmas music in November,  I am already tired of Christmas music!

I have already written down my new ideas for Christmas and Holiday cards. And if this year is like all of the ones in the past, by the time it comes to think about what I am going to do for my card, I will have already used up all of my best ideas on client cards! So then  it is time to think, think think, and with a little inspiration come up with an idea for my card.  I’ll worry about that later.  Time now to get back to work so I can have some fun this weekend!

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day weekend!