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"Dogs in the Studio" -
Dachshund color portrait



My clients love what I do for them.

Some come back year after year so I can create something new and special for them each year. Some are grateful that they had portraits done before their beloved dog passed. Others love the many ways we can celebrate their dog's life.

But don't just take my word for it, read for yourself below.



In the Studio




"Margaret Bryant captures the essence of the animals she photographs. When I look at the photos of Kelly, I can feel the enthusiasm that Kelly felt during her photo shoot. It is almost as if she is going to jump off the page and into my arms. Thank you, Margaret, for bringing the photos to life."

Jane Arrington (Kelly)





Cocker spaniels
Cocker spaniels
In the Studio


"An amazing experience is the only way to describe working with Margaret Bryant. My goal was to get one good picture of my four cocker spaniels together. My expectations were way too low. Not only was my goal met, but far exceeded. Margaret takes time to get to know you and your dogs. She spent several hours with “my girls” just getting comfortable so that the photo session was successful and it was.

The photo session is a wonderful experience. Margaret and her team are very professional, gifted with animals and patient with owners. I was amazed at the process and how smooth it went. Every pet owner and animal lover should be fortunate to have this experience with their pets. The product is not a picture, but a work of art. She captures the very essence and personality of your pet. My reaction to the portraits was so emotional because of the beauty that she captures within each animal.

The choices that Margaret provided were awesome and allowed me the flexibility to capture these moments in portraits, books, notecards, and even be able to create gifts for people that are important to me and my pets.
I will be working with Margaret in the future and look forward to bringing our new additions to her for the experience.
Thank you, Margaret, for the experience and for the beautiful images you captured."

Maria Lummus (Bella, Autumn, Jenna, and Poppy)




mini poodle
Miniature Poodle and mom
In the Studio


"There is a reason Margaret Bryant specializes in dog photography. That is because she is so incredibly intuitive and sees numerous possibilities with regard to her work. My apricot Toy Poodle is not used to being photographed. She was adopted and had several homes before me so she has anxiety issues. Margaret and the handler were very patient, loving and encouraging to both of us throughout the photo session. Margaret had a number of ideas for poses and made us feel very comfortable. Margaret was also very helpful throughout the process of selecting just the right photos -- because so many of them were wonderful, and I couldn't pick them all. She has an amazing eye and gift for photography.
When I came to pick up the photos I selected, tears streamed down my face unexpectedly -- they are amazing portraits!!! And, the note cards I purchased of two of my favorite portraits are also beautiful. I have shown the portraits to friends the past week, and in the same breath that they exclaim how fabulous they are, they want to know who the photographer was. I highly recommend Margaret Bryant to anyone who wants portraits that capture the love and unique relationship they have with their dog(s) that they will treasure forever."

Elizabeth Hardy (Patsy)



Japanese Chins
Japanese Chins and mom
In the Studio


"As I drove to my appointment with Margaret Bryant, I wondered how it would go as I was bringing my herd of 4 Japanese Chins. Each had promised they would behave and do what was asked of them. But you just never know...

Upon my arrival I was warmly greeted by Margaret and a helper and we settled right in. Margaret started by asking me about my pups, what type of pictures I might be interested in, etc. And while we visited her helper worked with my pups and got them use to their new surroundings and relaxed.

Then I am pretty sure I heard one of my pups say: "I am ready for my close up now!" and the fun started! I watched as my pups magically did what was asked of them. Where these really my dogs? Margaret allowed us plenty of time for our session so we could try all kinds of arrangements. When we were finally done I had a hard time getting my pups to want to leave as they had such a good time with their new Aunt Margaret.
Thinking about having your pet photographed? Do it! It was easy and enjoyable!

Andie Comini (Poo Chini, Roo Bella, Boo Koozo, Loo Chia)



Yorkie mix
All smiles
In the Studio


"It is my pleasure to tell all about the experience my Morkie Bella and I had with Margaret Bryant Dog Photography. I am a receptionist with the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic, so working with animals is a major part of my everyday routine. Even still, I was pleasantly surprised at how wonderful Bella was handled and treated at our appointment. She is a food-motivated girl, like me, but she is also high energy. The trainers were wonderful; they praised Bella for her good behavior with food and managed to keep her attention with toys, noises, gestures and the like. I didn't have to worry about Bella at all and the photo shoot was effortless! Because of the smooth appointment consultation, the great trainers and assistants, and the wonderful photography, our pictures turned out amazing! I would recommend their services in a heartbeat and look forward to working with Margaret Bryant in the future."

Jessica Debnam (Bella)



Basset pup
Cute dogs
In the Studio


"Hey everyone,
Mom took me and my crazy half brother to have yet again another photo shoot with that awesome, patient, funny, and "We will try and try again" attitude photographer Miss Margaret Bryant and her wonderful side kick Teri. I call them Auntie Mag and Auntie 'you need to behave' Teri. Little Bro got a few lessons in behavior yesterday while I pretended not to see or hear anything, I'm the perfect angel you know. Mom keeps getting more of us and that means when Christmas cards are brought up she gets all worked up and is speed dialing my Auntie's. Load'm up, move'm out to the big city we go. Got to get those pictures before we all grow up and become civilized.

First trip is a meet, greet and master plan a concept for the shoot. Personally, we don't care cause we have the run of the house and get to play with toys and laser lights. Second trip is show time and everyone is prepared. Auntie Mag is laying on the floor pointing that big round glass thing at us. Auntie Teri is making strange sounds, throwing things, wiggling stuff and tempting us with treats but not letting us eat them. What's that about? I think she may need some psychological help. Lights action and with all the wrangling (forgot
to mention the doggie wranglers that have to keep us in front of the camera), potty breaks and a little rest for everyone we are finally done. Load'm up, move'm, out back to the country we go.

You know what the best part of this whole ordeal? It's MOM! She sits behind the scenes and watches the magic unfold. I can see her sometimes holding her hand over her mouth so she won't bust out laughing and distract us. There is such joy and love when she gets to watch the process. What's even better is the anticipated excitement she has before the slide show and on the day she gets to sit down to see us on the big screen, it's her Christmas! We are all happy to be part of her life and it's even better when she can look at those photographs of us and smile.

Best Temptations,
Stella.........and those other mutts. Beacon (the grump), Pelusa
(the faithful, obedient, rescue me I will love you for life) and Huey
(the Parana puppy) < yes you, you little..."

Sandy Thorell (Stella and Huey)



two dogs
In the Studio


"I met Margaret through the Paws Cause calendar project. What a lucky day for me and my dogs, Beth and Bella. Margaret has a deep understanding of dogs which is beautifully reflected in her work. She doesn't just put them in front of a camera and snap away. She gets to know their personalities and motivations to get the very best out of them. My dogs are sisters but very different personality-wise and yet she managed to capture the clownish personality of Bella along with the quiet and cautious personality of Beth while creating a tableau that tells their story so beautifully. Margaret and her "wranglers" got the best out of my little Maltese and the end product was just breathtaking! I enjoyed every stage of the experience and recommend Margaret to everyone who loves their dogs. Thanks!"

Carol Tacker (Beth and Bella)




pit bull family
Family Portrait
In the Studio


"I thought it might be Mission Impossible to get a good photo with four big dogs that cannot be manhandled easily. However, you and your crew have it down to a science, and the whole process was fun, easy, and I got exactly what I wanted!
It is so wise of you to have the dogs come for an initial visit to meet you and sniff out your studio, then to have your expert wranglers there at the photo shoot. Though my two pitbulls are quite skittish, Beth and Teri were wonderful with them and they responded by looking quite photogenic! I loved the third session where I got to sit in the darkened room for my private showing set to music. I can't wait to get the canvases and other portraits.

Karen Kennedy (Winnie, Teddy, Jonas and Esmee)



In the Studio


"Wow, the pictures I had taken from Margaret are amazing! I had so people ask me "why are you going all the way to Dallas for dog photography"? Because Margaret does what almost no one else does, black background and unusual poses. I have three Weimaraners and I had seen the WRNT calendars. After much research on other "photographers", I knew she was my only choice. Once all the nay sayers saw the pictures, they all understood why I went all the way to Dallas (I am from the Lake Livingston area). Margaret and her wrangler did an extraordinary job of getting to know my dogs and trying to make them feel comfortable and natural. All in all it was an interesting experience with wonderful results. Thank you Margaret for your patience and talent. My husband loved the pictures and I feel it was one of my best choices yet for his birthday present."

Denise Anderson (Simon, Tasker and Dakota)
Goodrich, TX


Bull dog Bryant dog photography
Classic Puppy Portrait
In the Studio


"We came to you with our puppy Rex not really knowing what to expect. We wanted to cherish his young days and our days as a family. We were in for a huge blessing. You and your team blew us away from the beginning to the end with the entire process.
From the time we met you for the consultation, to the time we picked up the portraits, everything was extremely professional and well taken care of. You have especially gone above and beyond our expectations of what we ever imagined for ourselves in picture taking and the care for our baby boy, Rex. We appreciate the time and dedication that was put into our portraits and we will cherish them for life. We want anyone that sees them to look at them the same way we do and have the same feeling, a feeling of compassion.
Thank you again.
Faye Underwood , Nick Garza and Rex


Dog hugs
A hug from mom
In the Studio


"My baby, Harper Lee, three years old, had just been diagnosed with untreatable and aggressive lymphoma.  Harper was everything to me and I wanted to memorialize her in images.  Quite randomly I found Margaret's website and was so very impressed by her work--she had to be the one to photograph my Harper.  The photo shoot was actually great fun.  Margaret charmed Harper and me as she caught so many spontaneous moments between us and of Harper Lee.  

A bit later Harper Lee and I returned to her studio to see a slide show of the really magnificent work.  I started crying at the first photograph because it was filled with such emotion and beauty.  At first I thought I wanted only a pose of Harper and me together, but after seeing her work and the products she offers, I ordered a four-paned story board of Harper communicating and understanding and the story book of how Harper and me came to be.  

Christmas Eve I had to let Harper, my heart and soul, fly away from her sickness. Margaret's artworks of Harper Lee and me have become priceless to me.  I am so very happy that she showed me the book and story board.  Margaret's work seems to be in action even though the images are still.  It captures emotion, dynamics of my relationship with Harper and the eternal beauty of my best friend.   

Margaret is much more than an artist.  She communicates with the dogs as she shoots, she has so many ideas and there is no pressure to buy anything.  As a dog mother I urge dog owners to capture the spirit of their pups for all time and Margaret Bryant is the one for the job!

Nancy Jessee and Harper Lee


New years
Happy New Year
In the Studio


"We hit it out of the park with the New Year's Card. I have never seen such a response to sending a card. Very unusual - at least for us - that  most of the nearly 150 peopled we sent to responded with wonderful feedback.

* Loved it!

* Will frame it!

* Awesome!

* Beautiful

* Classy

* Elegant

* Will keep in my card file where I keep very few cards - only the "special ones."

* Your photographer has a special talent

* Amazing shots of all three of you.

* And many more of the like

Thanks for helping us start 2012 on such a positive and fun note.

Karla Robbins and Lorie Gunner (Chase)



White dog and santa
Pulling on Santa's toy bag
In the Studio


"I just wanted to drop you a note to mention how well received the Brat Pack’s Christmas card was last year.  I know it is only August but according to the crowd’s response it will be tough for us to top in 2011.  The number one comment was “Were you Santa Claus?”  I think it is hilarious how many grown adults were puzzled by my response “Of course not, that is Santa.” 

Probably, the second most frequently asked question was “How did you get your dogs to do that?” To which of course I gave all the credit to you and Teri.  I could go on for days about how much I loved the card but I thought it would be best to hear directly from my friends.

“Love it, Love it, LOVE it! Maddie, Zoey and I all LOVE your Christmas card but we are quite jealous that we will never be able to compete with the originality and cuteness! I guess next year we are coming to TX!”

“Karen, just opened your Christmas card, and that is truly greatness.  Nuevo Leon tugging on Santa’s bag is so him, and so classic. Miss them, and want to see your pack next time I am in town.”

“Always look forward to your card and was not disappointed when we got it yesterday!! Caroline loves your dogs!!”

“Loved your card, thanks for sending it.”

“I just picked up my mail from the post office, and your Christmas card was sitting on top of the stack. Priceless!!”

My personal favorite came from The Stephens Family.  We got a note that said “I thought I’d let you know the boys voted and y’all had the best Christmas card hands down!”

Karen Brophy (Nuevo Leon, Panda, Playa and Rosie)


big dog little dog
Lucy and Andy
In the Studio


"You have given us your art and your heart. We are deeply grateful.

As our time with Andy grows shorter, you've given us a treasure. Not only will his sweetness, playfulness and love always live in our hearts, we'll always have him with us in your wonderful portraits. I am amazed at how you captured both dog's personalities, which we've had years to know and love, in your photography. We can't look at Lucy's storyboard without giggling. Our sincere gratitude forever."

Sarah and Mark Weeks (Lucy and Andy)





Rotweiller Kaili and mom
In the Studio


"We never know what to expect out of Kaili (or Margaret:) when we get into the studio. Margaret always surprises us with ideas we are sure to have fun with! She knows how to capture every expression (sometimes goofy) and moment we share. From sitting our 145lb "puppy" on a six inch stool to capturing loving moments, Margaret has captured them all. We ALWAYS have an amazing time working with her!!
Since Kaili turned one we decided to begin capturing our lives together though photography. We had no idea the memories we were creating or what a great time we were going to have doing it. Now it is an annual MUST! Each and every piece of photography we have mailed out, hung on the wall or sat on a shelf has always been a wonderful conversation piece. Everyone raves about them!
There are so many ways we think about our "kids" and Margaret's photography will never let us forget one moment. Capturing Kaili at all stages of our lives together is going to be very special for years to come."

Brandon, Janna and Kaili Rae Roper



Mix breed and mom
Mom and Diesel
In the Studio


"I've taken pictures of Diesel, my Australian Sheperd/Border Collie friend, throughout his life, but when he became ill this year, I wanted a professional to create something truly special to honor what that beautiful creature has meant to me and the years of loving friendship between us.
My first inclination was to look on the web for a dog photographer. When I discovered the Bryant Photography web site, my attention was captured immediately. I had never seen a dog's personality expressed so beautifully as in Margaret Bryant's creative picture imagery.
Upon exploring her web site further, Margaret Bryant's real genius became apparent. Margaret has a true artist's gift of being able to capture not only a dog's personality but the deep and trusted relationship between "dogs and their humans". Her photography has huge emotional pull. Being a fine artist myself, I'm well aware that art that evokes emotion is a true sign of an artist who has passion and whose work is inspired. I knew instantly I had found the photographer I wanted.
From the initial consultation to the photo shoot to the viewing appointment, I have remained impressed and amazed at the quality of service and level of professionalism, but best of all, I could not be happier with the treasure of lasting memories Margaret has created for me with her camera. Bryant Photography also offers countless high quality, custom and unique ways to frame and exhibit your photos, including story boards, story books, Christmas cards and note cards. I think I picked one of each, and I dare you not to do the same!
If you consider your dog to be a true friend and member of the family and would like to do something special to celebrate that friendship, I would encourage you to visit Bryant Photography for your custom dog portraits. Don't wait until it's too late, as I almost did. You'll have such peace of mind knowing that you have a lasting tribute of your dog to cherish. Having Margaret create a portrait for you is truly one of the best ways to honor the timeless bond between you and your furry friend. You'll never regret investing in art that will make you smile for the rest of your life.

Claudine Nicholas and Diesel


Pomeranian Shelties
Whitely pups
In the Studio


"When I decided to have pictures made of my dogs, it seemed as simple as calling a photographer, scheduling an appointment, and having a few photos shot. So I opened the phone book, picked out a photographer, and made the call. To my surprise, however, the lady on the other end did not schedule an appointment. Instead, she referred me to Margaret Bryant. "She specializes in dogs and is really worth it," the lady declares. Intrigued by the fact that someone would forfeit money and refer to a competitor, I called Margaret. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a glorious journey that would reveal the magical difference between photography and art.

There was a connection with Margaret almost instantly over the phone. It was as if she already understood the unique and special relationship I have with my 3 dogs-especially my Pomeranian, Smidgen, whom she identified as my "lifetime dog". After our conversation, I visited her web site and found it to be both interesting and unusual. I scheduled an appointment.

When I walked into Margaret's studio for the first time, I was awestruck. The pictures on the web did not do justice to her work. There were beautiful pictures of dogs hanging on her walls, and there was something special about each picture. It was as if she had captured the spirit of each dog in every photograph. I had never seen anything like it. The "it" I quickly realized, was that artistic touch that is intangible, yet visible. It was truly amazing.

With great anticipation I looked forward to having my dogs photographed. When I went for the viewing, I was moved to tears. Not only were my dogs beautifully photographed, but the very uniqueness and personality of each dog was staring back at me -captured forever on film. What a talent!

Reflecting back over the wonderful experience, I think it can best be summarized by a comment from one of my friends: "It's as if she photographs love." Thank you Margaret, for such a wonderful gift."

Kathy Whitely (Smidgen, Abby and Hailey)


Yorkie puppies
Malone pups
In the Studio


"Margaret was able to capture the personality of each dog in a way that almost brought each picture to life. The time and patience she invested making sure every detail of both human and pet was perfectly in place was beyond our expectation. She took the time to get to know each pet so she was sure to capture the perfect pose from each to grab their true personality. We will now have extraordinary portraits to admire for a very long time. These are not only fine portraits, but a true work of art! We thank you from the bottom of our heart!"

Jennifer & Chris Malone (Brewster, Baxter & Bella)




Shih Tzu
Sara the Shih Tzu
In the Studio


"Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and Teri so much for the time spent with Sara and me. I knew you were the right photographer when Sara felt at home the minute she walked in for our consultation. Being the first time ever getting my portrait done including my dog, I had some questions, but you answered them all before I even asked.

The actual shoot was so relaxing, for Sara and I. It was like you and Teri could tell when I was getting just a little frustrated, and allowed me and Sara to just take a breath and relax. It was a great experience! And Teri, did she go to school to learn those noises that always gets the dog's attention? She was fantastic!
And of course, the pictures.......I don't think I could have even captured the essence of my beautiful little girl as well as you did. You caught Sara as I see her, not a some posed little fluffy dog. Her serious side, her always playful side and most importantly, her very loving side. I didn't come out half bad either. :) The most heard response from people who have seen the pictures is, " OH MY GOD......", and that's exactly how I feel.
I tell everyone with a pet about you and only hope if they want to capture the true "person" in their pet, they look no further than you. Thank you again!"

Susan Hart


Bree, Zakk and Zoe
Three Shelties in the Studio


"I just wanted to let you know that our experience with Margaret was fantastic! She is caring, talented, and knows exactly how to get the "right" shot. She is very patient and alot of fun to work with. Our knew our pictures would come out well, but I was really blown away when we sat down to go over them with her. Everyone that sees them is very impressed with her incredible style and keen sense of getting great shots that bring out the real personalities of our dogs.

We will always cherish our photos of our "kids" and the great experience with Margaret."

Sam and Cheryl Trueblood
Also, Zakk, Zoe and Bree


shelter dog
Frankie the sheltie
Studio Portrait


"I'm looking at the card & I still can't get over how great it came out! I just love working with you. I get these ideas for cards and I'm never really sure how it will look but you have such an artistic flare. You transform my ideas into reality and it's just amazing. My family & friends say the bar is set so high for a card but year after year, you create something unique and delightful. This is the first of what I know will be years of beautiful cards & memories created by you for me & Frankie!

Rose Galvan









shelter dog
Camilla and her favorite tennis ball
In the Studio


"It all began with a surprise Christmas gift from Iraq. My husband surprised me with the most unique gift...portraits of our little Camilla.

Upon meeting Margaret, she was just so inviting and friendly. Her personality made me and Camilla feel right at home. The photo shoot day was simply fantastic. I was amazed at how patient Margaret and Teri were with Camilla. They managed to be professional, fun, and sensitive to Camilla's needs all at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas gift.

This experience is unforgettable and I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to meet such wonderful people. The pictures came out great and with only a few days until Steve's arrival back into the states, I can not wait to show my husband (Camilla's dad) what a terrific job Margaret has done. Thank you!"

Crystal Smith


Weimaraner Bryant Dog Photography
Tahoe and friend
In the Studio



"Allene and I just wanted to say "thanks" for the wonderful portraits of our two beloved Weimaraners. The shoot went smoothly and the portraits of Sierra and Tahoe are beautiful. We were fortunate to find a photographer with the eye of an artist and the heart of a dog owner. Thank you so much!

David Stripling and Allene Raphael



Chihuahua, terrier
Ginger and Pepper in a
Classic Studio Portrait


"I've never had my girls pictures taken by a professional before, much less my own, so I was not sure what to expect. I was glad to know my girls and I would have the chance to meet Margaret before the shoot. This was a big help in getting them familiar with the surroundings.

The day of our session the girls really were at ease after a few minutes of sniffing around. I was glad I came prepared with all that Margaret had suggested. She was able to get my girls in some great shots with just a little piece of cheese and their favorite squeaky toy!

I was concerned that we would have the most trouble with my oldest, Ginger, as she's a little on the shy side. Once she felt comfortable, its like she was a whole 'nuther dog. Teri, Margaret's pet wrangler, was amazing with the girls and she has an enormous amount of patience. The shoot was about 2 hours long, but looking at the pictures she got you would have thought we were there all day! There were so many good ones, it was hard to choose!

The final product was of the best quality and I was very pleased. Margaret is very professional and extremely knowledgable. She has given great thought to her process and delivers the best experience you could ask for. You know when you stumble on something good, even if it's your first experience. I would never use another photographer since having worked with Margaret.
Thanks again for a terrific experience."

Teri Morrisey


bulldog dog picture
Hobo a Bulldog
Studio Portrait


"It seemed just a whirlwind while our session was being done. So much fun, we had no idea when it was over.

We walked in with Hobo and Abby, our bullies, and Abby was all over the place. She is what is not common, a hyper bulldog. They were really able to calm her down and get some awesome "family" shots.

We adopted our foster Jake and cannot wait to return for a group picture of all three. We know it will be as cherished as all of the other pictures that we have framed. Thanks!"

Paige, Michael, Abby, Hobo and Jake Jordon


Dog Portraits, Black and White Dog Photograph
Hoku and Leia, Beagles
Studio Portrait


"Harry and I cannot begin to tell you how much we love our portraits.

The large family portrait we took was positioned above our fireplace and, simply put, it has made our house a home. We have had three dinner parties since placing it there and have had such an overwhelming response, the non-dog folks are amazed and the dog-lovers want to have your contact information.

The portrait of Hoku and Leia with the black background gets so much attention, everyone comments how artistic it looks, we agree fully.

The entire experience was so pleasurable, we just want to thank you for your time, energy, patience and most of all, creative ability. You do amazing work."

Thank you so much!

Lisa Lake


maltese dog portrait
Harry and his empty food bowl
Studio Portrait


"When my human mom was thinking about having pictures taken of me and my family, I heard her tell Margaret, 'I am not sure this will work.'. Harry may not cooperate. Boy - was she ever wrong.

I walked into Margaret's studio and felt right at home. There is a big basket of dog toys right by the front door and pictures of dogs everywhere. What's not to love about that? And, don't even get me started talking about Teri. Margaret says she is the 'dog wrangler', but to me she will always be the 'Treat Goddess'. She gave me yummy and healthy treats. I would walk to the ends of the earth for her. When Margaret was flashing that bright light and pointing her camera at me and my family, I did not care. If Teri told me to sit, I sat. If she wanted me to stand up and wag my tail, I did it. Roll over? No problem. When Teri left the room, I went looking for her.

In my professional pet opinion, all that hard work (okay, it was more like fun than hard work) really paid off. I look great in those pictures! And, my humans look pretty good too. Before our photo session, my mom asked Margaret to try to capture my relationship with my human grandfather. When my mom saw the pictures of me and grand-dad, I think she started to cry. She said they exceeded her greatest expectations. Oh, and John, my mom's brother, he does not know how to smile for a picture without looking goofy. But he looked natural and happy in the pictures Margaret took. That is no small miracle.

Let me tell you, these ladies know dogs and how to make us and our humans look good. So, if you are thinking about some photographs, look no further than Margaret and the Treat Goddess. You will have fun, get some great pictures, enjoy a treat or two, and your humans will be happy. "




"Our session began as a request from my husband, Bill, for a family photo for father's day--including Squiggy, our Welsh Corgi.

After seeing one of Margaret's portraits in my veterinarian's office, I checked them out. What an incredible experience!

Our dog, though he'd had his picture taken shied from the lights, requiring us to hold him to get any photos at all. I left the session certain we'd gained nothing usable.

Imagine my surprise and pleasure seeing dozens of great photographs of my family and of the dog. It took my husband and I hours to go through all the possibilities and choose what ultimately was double what we'd budgeted.

Margaret and Teri have incredible patience, but on top of that, they have incredible knack at catching once-in-a-lifetime photos. During our session, we did the standard posed family photo, plus rollicking rolling and laughing photos. We had the best time being silly, making faces, interacting with Squiggy as we do at home and the results are amazing!

In addition to pictures to send to family and friends, we gained treasures that my family and I will treasure forever.

Thank you Margaret and Teri! Excellent work. Wonderful experience. Highest of recommendations! "

Cindy Scott


boxer puppy
Mattie the Boxer
Studio Portrait


"I'm Mattie, a 10 week old boxer. My mom calls me #@!@#! I want to live with Margaret and Teri cuz they played a lot with me, they loved me and my mom says they have the patience of Job, whatever that means.

My mom says we were a team, but I don't understand cuz Margaret, Teri and me played a lot and I never got in trouble so I'm confused as to what a "team" means. Oh, they also thought I was adorable and a really good subject, and a national contest entry, geeez, I thought I was a puppy. Luv Mattie"

Mattie the Boxer



"Patience, Love and Teamwork are the top three adjectives to describe Margaret and Teri. It’s truly incredible how they worked with my 10 week old boxer, Mattie.

Obedience means nothing to Mattie so I was hesitant at first to have her photographed. I feared her lack of patience would make the experience frustrating. The professionalism they showed, the teamwork they conveyed and patience they had were outstanding and extremely impressive. The time went by quickly, with no frustration on my part nor Mattie’s.

Not only did I get some incredible photos which captured the fun and personality of my puppy, I also took away some valuable skills and ideas for training and working with Mattie."

Liz Doyle




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Australian Shepherd


Border Collie

Boston Terrier





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Golden Retriever

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Italian Greyhound


Labrador Retriever

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Yorkshire Terrier


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