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Margaret Bryant and her wranglers work together to create images that capture the personality of your pet and the relationship between you and your pet.

Their knowledge of dog behavior, dog training, dog sports and considerable patience aid to create memorable portraits of you and your pups.

Teamwork and a love for animals create a comfortable atmosphere. It is in this environment that imagination can blossom to capture the essence of their animal portrait subjects.


Dog Photographer, Margaret Bryant, Dallas TexasMARGARET BRYANT
(Photographer & Digital Portrait Artist)

Dogs fill my heart. They have humor, whimsy and a joy of life. They live in the moment.  They want nothing more than to eat, to play and to be with us. They make our lives more meaningful.

To me, the art of photography is about light and expression. The joyful smile on your dog's face or the loving eyes of your dog's human. A good photograph is a lasting memory of you and your dog. It might make you laugh, it might make you cry, but it will always hold a lasting memory of the love of sharing your life with your dog.

I've shared my life with some wonderful dogs. I lost my "Lifetime Dog" Chloe in 2004.  She was a mutt, but she was my soul mate. It is her paw print that adorns my logo and appears many times in my work. We lost Molly, a Sheltie/Border Collie mix in 2015. That's her on the right in the photo on the left.

My current animal family includes Sophie a re-homed whippet (above on the left). Sophie is now an old girl and she likes to lie at my feet snoozing while I am working on the computer. I am in the process of clicker training Lucy the cat. (Yes! Really!!)

I started my photography business in 1998, and in that time have photographed hundreds of dogs (some cats and horses too). I am a Master Photographer and Photographic Craftsman with Professional Photographers of America (PPA). That means that I have been recognized by my peers for excellence in creating photographic images as well as teaching and speaking about photography. I continue to give back to the photographic community by teaching, coaching and mentoring new photographers.

I am also a Certified Professional Photographer which means I have passed the rigorous test and image submission requirements to be certified by the Professional Photographers of America.

I am a eight time PPA Photographer of the Year medalist and two time PPA Grand Imaging Award finalist..



Most every photo sessions has a dog wrangler. All of the dog wranglers are dog trainers, understand dog behavior and are great at making dogs feel comfortable. They are there to make sure that your dog has a low stress photo session full of lots of fun!




Dog Photographers at work, Dallas Texas photography studio



My wranglers and I work together to create a comfortable atmosphere for your pet so we may create memorable images of you and your pups.

It is a patient atmosphere where dogs can be themselves and imagination blossoms to capture the spirit and personality of our canine portrait subjects.



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