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Teamwork in the Dog Photography studio



Your design consultation is done and I've learned lots about your dog and your relationship. Then the day of the session arrives.

You've tired out your dog with a good romp, you've brought clothing for you and any props we talked about, so now you are ready for some fun creating images.



Dog Photographer Assistant, Teri Walker, Dallas Texas
Molly smiles for the test


We have lots and lots of patience. It is almost a guarantee that you will run out of patience before we do. When we work, there is a calming energy in the room. I think the dogs feel that good, calm energy and respond to it.

My wranglers are dog trainers. We know dog breeds and dog behavior. We use that information to work with your dog and to get the best expressions.

The rest is teamwork.




Dog Photographer, Margaret Bryant, Dallas Texas
Focused on fun




We may have you help us with your dog during the session. Sometimes dogs respond better to their own humans. We let the dogs lead us into how much they are willing to do. We try to keep the environment low stress and we like to have fun!

By the time we are done, everyone will be tired from smiling, laughing and having a good time!





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