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I speak to professional photography associations, hold classes and offer books and other pet photography resource materials for sale. I offer classes and seminars on topics such as Photoshop, Dog Photography and Copyright. I also consult with professional photographers about their pet photography businesses.



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Pet Photography Seminars


I teach classes and speak to professional photographer's groups on dog photography, dog photography business and copyright. If you would like me to speak at your guild or convention please contact me for a speaker packet containing more information about my speaking topics.

August 2011 I did a webinar for the Professional Photographers of America titled "How to talk Dog: Incorporating Dogs into Family and Senior Photography". A recording of it is available at www.ppa.com.

January 2014 I spoke at Imaging USA in Phoenix in addition to a long list of regional and state professional photography conventions..




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Pet Photography website


Are you a Professional Photographer who photographs pets or wants to photograph pets?

Think it will be just like any other type of photography and you don't need any extra education?

You might be surprised to know that there is much to know to be successful at pet photography. You wouldn't start photographing infants without a little bit of knowledge, it is the same for pets.

Learn more about doing pet photography at a website designed for Photography Pros at "Dog Photography Central" at www.photoPro.bryantdogphotography.com. There you can find information about tools and products to make your job easier, as well as information about classes and other ways to learn. Take a visit!







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