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Toys 2596-MBryant

This is what it looks like after a photo session. Toy and noise makers scattered all over the place. Clearly we had a lot of fun! But recently I found something else in the post photo sessions mess. I have been hesitant to mention it because, well, it was clearly a tragic toy accident. These don’t happen all that often but sometimes in our excitement and fun, well, toys get hurt.

Toy 2600-MBryant

Yes, after the photo session in Found this. I don’t even know what toy it came from. It was tragic to have a toy lose it’s foot. Uh, hand. Uh, whatever it is. I do want you to know that it almost never happens! I don’t want you to think we are tearing the toys from limb to limb. (I’m sure your dogs do that at home!) We try to be safe, but sometimes despite our best efforts, toys get hurt.

Do you have any hurt toys at home? Comment below.



  • Sharon - September 12, 2017 - 10:20 am

    Yes, it is very sad when toys get hurt. There are lots at our house.