July 4th Fireworks | Dallas Dog Photography


Many dogs and cats are terrified by fireworks. You need to anticipate this and plan ahead. Keep your animals at home. Do not bring them to your neighbors when they are setting off fireworks. Keep them in a safe place when they are at home. Terrified dogs can scale fences, crash through windows, and generally create havoc in their fear. Be prepared to keep them inside in a safe place.

Keep the TV on or have music playing to distract them from the noise outside. Close blinds so they cannot see outside.

Make sure they are wearing a collar with tags or, better yet, are micro chipped and your information is current, so if they do get out, it is easier to get them back home.

If you aren’t staying home to soothe your pet, be sure they are safe while you are away. A terrified dog can be very destructive. Be sure yours will be okay this holiday weekend!