Pet Dental Month | Dallas Dog Photography


February is pet dental month. I am sure your pets are as excited about going to the vet or pet dentist as you are going to your human dentist! It is still just as important for your pet to go as it is for you. What is nice now is that there are more options. You can have your pet’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia. I know my dogs have health issues that keep them from being put under anesthesia for something as routine as a teeth cleaning. This is why I have opted for non-anesthesia teeth cleaning. This is only for cleaning and no other dental work. Also not all animals will allow their teeth to be cleaned in this manner. So while it is not an option is all cases, it is nice to have it available. Especially for my Molly who, at 13 years old, has what the tooth fairy calls “old lady teeth”!

Have you tried non-anesthesia teeth cleaning? What did you think? Comment below.