Dogs and Cats Together | Bryant Dog Photography


Quite regularly I get asked if I photograph cats. Yes, I photograph cats, but first I ask the question if the cat in question is friendly and outgoing. If not, it doesn’t make sense for me to be paid to pull a cat out from under the furniture when all it wants to do is hide! Some cats just don’t want to be photographed! But if your cat is friendly and outgoing, we can have a lot of fun! I love photographing cats jumping, stalking and having fun. Better yet is when a family has a cat and a dog that actually like each other!

The cat and dog shown above are best buddies. Lola (the dog) and Bruno (the cat) were great subjects. You don’t usually think of a cat and dog lying so close to each other, but it was natural for Lola and Bruno.

Do you have a cat and does it get along with your dog(s)? Comment below and tell me about them.