National Dog Week | Dallas Dog Photography

Lab puppies

Woo Hoo! It is National Dog Week! A week when we can celebrate our dogs in all of their glory!

But while we are celebrating our own dogs, let’s not forget all of the lost and abandoned puppies in the shelters and rescue groups. The adorable puppies pictured above are from DFW Lab rescue. If you want a purebred dog, they are available at your local shelter or rescue group.

You should never purchase a dog at a pet store. Their pets usually come from puppy mills. You should be careful of purchasing from breeders too. Make sure you find a reputable breeder who is breeding to improve the breed and not just to make a quick buck. There are lots of signs of a good breeder including letting you meet both parents of the puppies and letting you see where they were raised.

Dogs can bring much joy to your life. Celebrate each day with your dog. Now go out and play!