Pet First Aid Month | Bryant Dog Photography

April is pet first aid month. I thought it appropriate that the image for this week is of Burt, a wonderful Basset Hound mix. Burt was a most excellent “patient” on which many first aid and CPR demos were given. He and his mom helped many people learn how to give CPR to their dogs. Sadly, Burt passed not long ago, but his mom, Beth Bowers, still gives excellent CPR and first aid classes and can be reached at

Pet first aid is different than human first aid. There are things that are poisonous to dogs that are fine for humans to eat. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, onions and garlic are but a few of the foods that are not good for dogs. Did you know about xylitol? It is a non-sugar sweetener used in a lot of gum, that if ingested by a dog, can quickly cause liver damage. It can be life threatening. So in celebration of pet first aid month, learn some first aid for your pet. Contact Beth for one of her wonderful classes, or read about pet first aid on the Web. Your pets will thank you!

Do you have some recomendations on where to get good pet first aid information? Comment below.