The Story Behind the Image | Bryant Dog Photography

In the coming months I will start work on the 2014 Weimaraner Rescue calendar. I thought it might be interesting to write the stories and the thought process that went into the images that are on the 2013 calendar. So here goes!

I am frequently asked which comes first in my whimsical images, an idea that is acted out, or the images from which a story is created. My answer is both. Sometimes it is one and sometimes it is the other. In this case, hearing about the dogs came first and the idea evolved with what the dogs were willing to do.

When talking with the owner, she told me that her female, Pippa, liked to sit like a human in her favorite red chair. Her male, Zeus, was crazy for tennis balls.  My original idea was to combine the two very disparate activities into one image. I envisioned Pippa sitting in the chair and Zeus running circles around the chair chasing tennis balls. It became clear very early on that the circle idea wasn’t going to work. But diving under the chair would work!

The Weimaraner calendar sessions are very short. Knowing that the likelihood of getting both dogs perfectly in the same shot in a short session was nil, I planned to do two at least two shots. First was Pippa sitting on the chair. What you see on the calendar page is actually two shots of Pippa combined. I loved the way her front feet were on the front of the chair in one image and a different image had the great facial expression.

We took Pippa off the set and left the chair in the same spot for Zeus. Getting him to chase the tennis balls was easy. He even readily dived under the chair for them. It was just a matter of choosing my favorite that would work well with the images of Pippa.

I then added a few extra tennis balls to finish off the shot. So this ended up being probably 4 different images combined together. I don’t remember how many tennis balls I added so it might have been a shot or two more.

So there you go! The story behind the cover of the 2013 Weimaraner Rescue Calendar. If you would like to purchase a calendar, go to Weimaraner Rescue of Texas.

What did you think of the story? Was it more work or less work than you thought. Comment below and let me know what you think of the image.