Ball Crazy | Bryant Dog Photography

Hi my name is Piston and I am ball crazy. It has been 1.05 seconds since I last thought about a tennis ball.

My mom doesn’t understand me. I dropped a tennis ball in front of her 284 times and she didn’t seem to understand that I wanted her to throw it for me. Deep down I think she knew what I wanted, she was just too busy to help me out. My addiction to tennis balls has been life long. My mom has channeled my addiction into playing Flyball. I love to play Flyball, but I have to wait my turn at getting the tennis ball out of the box. I don’t like to wait my turn.

But why do I have to get the ball out of the Flyball box anyway? After all, there is a whole bucket of balls behind the box loader just waiting for me. They are just for me, right?


There are days my addiction to tennis balls is overwhelming. It is all I think about. But hey, there could be worse things. I could be addicted to eating dog poop!


The story you have just read is real. The details have been changed to conceal the truth. Does your dog have an addiction to tennis balls? Comment below and tell me about it.