Is Your Doggie Daycare Up to Snuff? | Dallas Dog Photography


You are a good dog parent and want to make sure that your dog Buster has something to do while you are at work. You find a Doggie Day care that seems to be good. But are they the best one for your dog? Lori Myers of Every Dog’s Day in Frisco, TX gives some tips on selecting a doggie day care that is the best for you and your dog.

Asking the right questions allows you to select the right Doggie Daycare!

  •  Is a test or evaluation required before my dog can play?  Beware of any program that allows your dog to join daycare without an evaluation or temperament test; this means your dog’s playmates have not been screened for aggression and inappropriate play styles.
  •  Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered to play?  Adult male dogs who are not neutered tend to display territorial and dominant behavior in group play.
  •  Are small dogs separated from larger breeds?  This is especially important for parents of small and toy breed dogs who are easily injured by larger and more exuberant dogs.
  • Are your daycare groups supervised?  Responsible daycare providers will ensure constant supervision by trained staff in each play group.
  •  Is there an outside area for potty breaks?  If so, how often does each group go outside for potty breaks?  Without an outside area for potty breaks, your house-trained dog will hold his/her bladder as long as possible and eventually will have to eliminate indoors.
  •  Is water always available for daycare groups?  In what circumstances is water restricted?  Fresh water should be available to daycare groups at all times with no restrictions.
  •  Are rest periods provided each day?  This is a trick question – offering a one or two hour “rest period” each day is actually a closure to accommodate staff lunch breaks.  You will pay for the “rest period” and your dog will typically be housed in a crate or cage until play resumes.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the daycare facility to see where Buster or Mollie will be spending their days. There should be no problem getting a tour before you make your selection. Make sure you feel comfortable with the place and that your dog will feel comfortable too!  Many thanks to Lori at Every Dog’s Day for providing these tips!

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