Beware of Fleeing Dogs | Dallas Dog Photographer

Independence Day means lots of celebrations. Many of them actually occur on July 3rd rather than July 4th. Many events involve fireworks and you need to keep your dog safe. 

Many dogs are terrified of the loud noises associated with fireworks. Terrified. Dogs that ordinarily would not escape from backyard fences suddenly become Houdini and will find a way to escape. Dogs that ordinarily would not tear up the house, might do just that. 

Here are some tips to keep your dog safe:

Do not bring your dog to fireworks displays unless you are CERTAIN they have experienced fireworks before and were not afraid. Make sure they have collars and tags on and are micro-chipped. Keep an eye out for your dog to show any anxiety and be ready to leave if you see any. 

If you leave your dog at home while you are attending events, make sure your dog is inside, preferably in a crate. If the dog can hear the fireworks even while inside the house, you might try keeping a TV or radio on to drown out the noise of the fireworks. You also might try an anxiety wrap like a Thundershirt  or any number of homeopathic calming remedies. 

Have fun this Independence Day and keep your dog safe!

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