What is a Design Consultation? | Dallas Dog Photographer

One of the things I require before I photograph your dog is a Design Consultation. I occasionally get asked why that is required. There are many reasons for the Design Consultation, some of them are very important. The Design Consultation is a chance for me to meet your dog before we do a photo session. More importantly it is a time for your dog to meet me and get to know me before the photo session. It doesn’t take long for dogs to realize that we are dog friendly and after they have explored a bit, they settle right down. The day of the session, your dog will come in and go *sniff* *sniff*,  “Oh I’ve been here before” and settle right in. I’ve seen it make a huge difference in how fast a dog settles in the day of the session. Otherwise we would spend your valuable session time waiting for your dog, who has never met me before, to get comfortable.  

The Design Consultation is also a chance for you to tell me all about your dog and your lives together. I get some of my best ideas from hearing stories about your dog. I could tell you story after story of ideas I got from listening at the Design Consultation. The image above is of Lance and Morgan and they loved to fight over the bottle caps that are on water bottles. I got a lot of great images that I put together in a storybook called “Bottle Cap Battle“. I never would have known about the fun with a bottle cap had we not talked about it during the Design Consultation.

The Design Consultation is also the time for us to talk about your goals for the photo session. Some people are looking for a portrait for over their fireplace. Some want a gallery wrap wall collection. Some, like for the pups above, wish to have their dogs’ story told in a Storybook album. Each goal has different requirements for your session and knowing ahead of time insures I get the images needed for just the right portrait.

So now that you know why I do Design Consultations, when do I get to meet your dog at one?