Do You Have a Dog First Aid Kit? | Dallas Dog Photographer

April is Pet First Aid month and a reminder to have a first aid kit around that is  made just for your dog. Yes, your human first aid is not enough! There are things you need specifically to give a dog first aid. A muzzle, for example. Vet wrap for another example. Then there are the usual items of adhesive tape, gauze, antibiotic ointment and so on. For a limited time, if you would like a card with a listing of the items that should go into a dog first aid kit on one side, and on the back of the card information all about poison control, send me an email and I will mail you one. Along with the card, I’ll send you a refrigerator magnet to hold the card on your refrigerator so it is always within sight. Don’t miss out!  Send me an email at

Comment below and tell me about a time your dog needed help and and you were there ready to help.