What do dogs think? | Dallas Dog Photography

Dog waiting for session

Waiting to start the photo session

I often wonder what the dogs are thinking during our photo sessions.

Some are just having a lot of fun. Running around playing fetch and playing tug are the beginning, middle and the end of their experience.

Some are wondering what these other dogs are that are all around. These are the dogs that see a portrait displayed on a wall and sniff at it and bark at it and recognize that it is a dog. Not too many of these really bright dogs come in.

Some are very food motivated and are trying to figure out what they have to do to get a treat. If they are not sure, they run through all of their tricks to see if one of them is what we are looking for.

And some are just little actors and actresses just waiting for their on camera time. Such is the case with rescued dog Nillie. Nillie’s mom is talking with Teri about what we were going to do next. Nillie was looking at me like she was bored as she was patiently waiting for us to get started. I just loved the look and this image has long been one of my favorites. What do you think your dog would be thinking?

  • Jennifer Malone - March 3, 2011 - 8:42 pm

    I can tell you what my dogs think during each photo session….mom why are you freaking out? I promise you’ll get a good picture…