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Jack Russell Tattoo

I’m sure when you saw the title of this post you thought I was going to talk about tattooing your dog for identification purposes. After all, tattoos are used all of the time by some breeders and on racing dogs. But not this time!

I am talking about humans who have had my photograph of their dog(s) tattooed on their person. This has now happened twice that I know of. Are there any other photographers out there who have had their photographs tattooed on someone?

To the right is Edison, a Jack Russell Terrier. The top photograph is Edison running Flyball. (There was a time when I photographed Flyball tournaments. I did it on film, much more difficult than digital!) Anyway, Eddie’s mom had Eddie’s photograph tattooed on her leg.  You can see she flipped the image for the tattoo. She did this mostly because Eddie has a heart shaped brown patch of fur on his left side that is adorable and she wanted to show it on ther tattoo.

weimaraner tattoo

So I thought the whole idea of tattooing a photograph was pretty cool. Several years go by and another client decides to tattoo her dogs’ photograph on her belly! She didn’t know anything about the first client and just liked the idea. To the right are Weimaraners Zephyr, Bubba and Bella (I hope I got the order right). They have appeared in the Weimaraner Rescue of Texas calendar in past years. As you can see on the tattoo, the image is cropped and flipped. I can’t imagine whole dogs being tattooed! I’m sure this one was painful enough!

So there you go. Two photographs that were the inspiration for two tattoos. Do you have a tattoo of your dog somewhere on you? Would you tattoo a photograph of your dog somewhere on your body?