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Black labrador retriever

Black on Black

I want to thank Stella, Morgan, Lance, Alexis, Joe, Pixie, Pogo, Polly and Wally for being wonderful clients and fantastic models for my competition entries this past weekend!

This past weekend was the Southwest Professional Photographers of America (SWPPA) regional print and album competition. This competition is a preview of the International PPA print and album competition next summer. It is here that professional photographers show their best work and compete for “merits”, ribbons and awards. Each professional photographer is allowed to submit up to 4 prints or albums. The goal is to get a total of four “merits” which are an indication of a score of 80 or better.  Out of 222 people entering, only 12 people got 4 merits. I was honored to be one of the few.  

Alexis, the black lab, was my model for “Black on Black” one of my print entires. I also entered Stella, a long haired weimaraner, lying on the floor in “All Tuckered Out”.  Pugs Joe, Pixie, Pogo, Polly and Wally were the stars of “Hanging With the Homies”.   Morgan and Lance were the stars of the album “Bottle Cap Battle”. I got a distinguished album ribbon and a judges choice ribbon for the “Bottle Cap Battle” album. I’ll put that on the blog another time.  No trophys this time, but maybe next time!

Again I want to thank all of the dogs and their owners. We had so much fun with your sessions and got some award winning portraits to boot!

  • Mike Bryant - September 24, 2010 - 7:31 am

    Congratulations! You do such amazing work!