Puppies, puppies, puppies! |Dog Photography

white lab puppy

We have photographed a lot of puppies this year.  I’m not sure why so many more this year than in previous years. We have been overcome with a big case of “adorable-ness”.  Is that a word? If not, it is now! A bunch of cute, cuddly, fun, little puppies romping in front of our camera this year.

On the right is Barkley from last year when he was an adorable puppy. For his Christmas card last year we had him looking for Santa Claus and only finding his hat. (“I’ve been a good dog Santa, honest!”) This year we photographed Barkley again and he is a very handsome adult dog. We had some fun with him and the new Santa suit.  No, not sitting in Santa’s lap.  As usual, I put my own twist on Santa and Christmas cards. I’ll show those a little later. In the meantime, enjoy Barkley as a puppy and his terminal cuteness!